Hit that shit up, gonna be writing a load of stuff and posting some pictures and things.

Sunday Nov 11 @ 02:40pm


Sunday Nov 11 @ 02:30pm
Where the twitter heads at? @LiarsandSellers Let’s go! Thursday Sep 9 @ 07:57pm
Tunnels have been stitched!

Tunnels have been stitched!

Monday Jun 6 @ 08:02pm
Right I don’t really use this anymore due to being busy all the time.

But I have twitter @liarsandsellers so follow me on there and stuff.

also You all know I’m out of shape and lazy but I’m doing a 10k in a few weeks to raise money for charity so if you got some free cash click this link and donate it! (Y) cheers!!

Sunday Apr 4 @ 01:25pm
I don't use tumblr anymore, but y'all need to check out Summits! Friday Apr 4 @ 10:38am
Wednesday Mar 3 @ 06:59pm
Napoleon.  (Taken with instagram)

Napoleon. (Taken with instagram)

Thursday Mar 3 @ 10:45pm

Napoleon - Liars and Sellers

Massive tune, check it out! 

Thursday Mar 3 @ 07:37pm
Wednesday Mar 3 @ 05:27pm
I'm Reaching Out To You, :: So You Can All Be Saved!